David O. Adewumi
Chief Executive Officer

David Olubodun Adewumi is one of those rare breeds who have been able to make transitioning from the world of medicine to the corporate world seems so effortless. David studied Medicine at the famous Ninewells Medical School in Scotland, United Kingdom. He left medicine shortly after leaving medical school to set up his first business which was recruiting and head-hunting top medical personnel from all over the world for the British National Health Services (NHS). He has since set up and managed a number of businesses in the UK among which was the collaboration with the British Telecom Wholesale unit to provide cheap international call services to foreign nationals in the UK. David is currently the Chief Executive Officer at ByteLabs Technologies Limited – a web-based application and software development company with active involvement in the design and development of AI products which are being designed to provide solutions to perennial but avoidable problems in the Sub-Saharan Africa. One of David’s fortes is his time-tested ability to raise finance for new project development and project management.